How to be funny?

  1. Read books on humor
  2. Don’t be afraid to be different
  3. Look at the funny side of a situation or any situation
  4. Watch funny movies/shows/YouTube videos
  5. Watch standups
  6. Don’t be rude or racist in trying to be funny, in other words be genuine
  7. Know when not to be funny
  8. Memorize some jokes and use them in a suitable situation
  9. Learn what makes funny people funny
  10. Know your target!

You are welcome!

Why do I have a gut feeling that Roger would win the US Open 2015?


“Why I see Roger holding that US OPEN trophy once more and this year?”

Hey folks! As some of you may have read my last blog about why it doesn’t matter even if Roger doesn’t win even a single Grand slam anymore. Well, today I want to tell you about my feelings, this gut feeling or whatever you may call it that I want to share with you. Before I reveal my thoughts to you on why he would win this grand slam or on what basis my sixth sense even if there is any, is telling me that, i want to admit that I m not a huge tennis follower as some of you maybe but I have been a big follower of Federer himself. I have been watching him as far back as the Wimbledon 2007 final when I was 13 at the time. I just had a glimpse of him in the headlines, him cheering after winning the final point against Rafael Nadal and ever since I have been closely watching him and I am 21 now! Wow! Time passes by quickly!

So Last night as I was watching his encounter with John Isner, and I don’t know if you had the same feeling or something but I literally shouted “WOW!” and was like “This guy is still the best!” Those were not just words of a fan, being cheered or something but he did mesmerize me by his extraordinary shots. His ever-swift movements on the court and some of his returns specially the one down the line left me baffled. And as I stated earlier I have been watching him closely for 8 years now, and he left such a mark after this match that I cant stop thinking why he shouldn’t win the tournament. This is the first reason why I am so positive about his chances.

Secondly, the way he has been playing throughout the tournament without losing a single set up till now, and similarly the way he played last month in Cincinnati all the way to the final without dropping a set and winning it, is telling me out loud that Roger is going to clinch this in a similar fashion. But to tell you beforehand, I am not sure about him winning all the sets but definitely winning the title.

But how could you say that in the presence of Djokovic? I know, and the Novak factor did pinch me but for a while. I admit that he is the no.1 and he is playing great and is the guy to beat. But when I think of his loss against Roger in the Cincinnati final last month, it senses
me that similar thing is going happen and that is if Roger faces him in the final. Lol if you know what I mean!

How to develop the habit of reading?

What can reading do to you? Well, it can do lots of stuff, from teaching you things beyond your horizons to reducing your anxieties. Reading, it teaches you different cultures, different religions, and politics of different regions. Reading, it assists you in times of utter confusion, brings you joy and satisfaction and helps you in communication. Reading, it improves your concentration, enables your brain to stay active and makes you consider things from different perspectives. And above all, reading, it gives you knowledge that no one can take it away from you.

Reading is one of those healthy habits, which is very difficult to form and do on consistent basis. It is similar as going to gym for instance or jogging or taking dog for a walk. You can see the apparent benefits of these practices but you don’t do them or do them but occasionally. The followings are some of the steps that we can take towards developing the practice of reading.

  1. The first thing to do is to consider all the benefits and rewards of reading of which some are mentioned above. You see, once you take into account all the merits of reading, can you think of really going in to it. When you are not aware of its benefits or the benefits of anything for that matter, you don’t do that thing. You do things when you see advantages in them. What is my benefit of studying for exams? In what ways can exercise help me? Similarly how can reading benefit me? Once you answer this question, you are good to go.
  1. Second thing you want to do is to begin with small versions of reading, such as articles, short essays or stories, blogs, magazines, etc. This was a significant factor at least when i think of myself. What this did to me was that it persuaded me to go through whole portions of the work without sensing quitting. On the contrary if we start off with an extensive 300-page book, more often than not, we put it aside after having read only few pages. Sometimes we abandon it in the middle of the first page! Believe me, it happens. Also what those small articles and stories do is, they give you a sense of satisfaction of having read a whole story or a piece of information and gradually prepares you for long-lasting readings.
  1. After considering and acknowledging all the advantages of reading and having gone through number of articles and short stories for few days or weeks, you develop a sense of reading a lengthy book. If you still haven’t, don’t be concerned at all and keep on going with what you have been doing. The important thing is to stay persistent. Eventually a time comes and believe me it does come, when you want to pick up and lose yourself in “Harry Potter” or “Hamlet” or “In Search of Lost Time” or “War and Peace,” books, that once you dared not to touch.